Who’s Coming?

Nina (Peticolas) and Patrice Tanti

Mark and Bonnie Hansen

Dina (Curotto) Hoffman

Alice (Grube) Hughes

Jim and Renee Abicht

Christine Allegretti

Betsy (Slakey) Knepper

Dana (Quick) and Tom Shaffer

Donna (Sarkes) Fortina

Rebecca (Bunter) Smith

Julie (DeHart), Harry and Anna Criswell

Jon Wells

Dale and Gail Marinello

Sherry Ricar and Jarl Saal

Elaina (Guidici) and Mike Shanks

Brett and April Lambert

Edward Charles Burks

Gail Lukan

Tim and Sandra Ronda

Rome and Barbara Norman

Judy Escalante

Jeanette (Garcia) Neal and Linda Roblado

Sheri (Mack) and Ciro Milazzo

Susan Faitos

Bruce Gardner

Rosalind (Waite) Alley